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Scott’s family rafts down the Gallatin River’s 3.5 whitewater rapids near Yellowstone on a recent family vacation.

Scott W. Taylor

Enjoying the smooth water at Lake Mead, Jim is honing his wakeboard skills.

James W. Wilcox

The only way to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays…  Exploring the Caribbean!

Martha Ford

While scuba diving off the coast of Oahu, Bill dove to a sunken ship and airplane, and saw a shark, turtle and octopus on this trip in September.

William M. Nelson

In his den nicknamed “The Museum,” Howard stands near his favorite 1950s collectibles: 100 precision diecast American model cars.

Howard B. Levy

Kelly recently made over 100 bookmarks using brass wire and glass beads for a fundraiser for his daughter’s Shakespeare class.

Kelly G. Parker

On his favorite hole #17 at Alpine Country Club in the Fall, Jim’s favorite time of year to play golf.

James Andrus

A nine-mile hike at Mt. Charleston, a favorite for Mike and his family.

Michael L. Rosten

Tom has some permanent reminders (aka scars) from the ride he’s about to take on the beautiful trails near Brian Head, Utah over the Fourth of July.

Thomas M. Donohue

Ah, Red Square post-Soviet domination. Once Tom posed for this picture he made a beeline to Lenin's Tomb and St. Basil's Cathedral.

Thomas Green

At one of his favorite California surf locations, near the elephant seals observing a glassy break, wishing he had brought his wetsuit and surfboards.

Michael W. Kern

Just ready to begin a 100 mile bike ride down the Oregon Coast.

Jeffrey B. Edwards

Playing the guitar (Ol' Hoss) of legendary Doc Watson, at Gallagher Guitars in Wartrace, TN. Ralph had just performed in a singer / song writer contest at the historic Bluebird Café in Nashville.

L. Ralph Piercy

Troy enjoys cruising in his 1957 Skyliner and occasionally chauffeuring a VIP.

Troy Crowther

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