Lynette Hamilton, Accounting Manager, City of Reno. "I have worked with PBTK going on four years, and have always found them to be extremely professional and knowledgeable of the latest accounting pronouncements and trends. PBTK is dedicated to delivering quality services to their clients."

Tom Lettero, President and Chief Financial Officer for Cannery Casino Resorts. "At Cannery Casino Resorts, we have three casinos in two different jurisdictions - two in Las Vegas and one in Pennsylvania. Our properties in total employ just over 3000 employees, and we operate approximately 7000 slot machines and 120 table games. We have hotels at two of our properties and continue to develop our other properties as well with additional hotels and retail and that's pretty much the scope of our company today. The technical excellence, it starts from the top of this firm. I have known Ralph Piercy for probably close to 30 years now and always viewed him as one of the best technicians in our business as far as accounting goes. He also understands our business extremely well. When we are evaluating a transaction or we're evaluating an accounting process I'm always comfortable that we're getting great advice."

Don Ahern, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Ahern Rentals. "Ahern Rentals is a 60 year old company that operates in 22 different states and in Canada. We are an equipment rental company and PBTK has been our independent auditor for approximately two decades now. We know them very well; we are very comfortable with them and have had a great experience. They are incredibly responsive and consistent. We recently needed some real technical assistance from PBTK. We raised nearly a billion dollars in New York, and PBTK were like surgeons going through that process. We were working with some of the larger banks like Barclays, Jefferies and Bank of America and large national law firms, and they were very impressed with Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern. In the past, we have had financial institutions and underwriters suggest we use a national firm, but we have fought to maintain PBTK as our accountant and it went very well for us each time. I would absolutely recommend PBTK."

Abram Young, Commissioner's Director of Auditing, LDS Church Educational System. "Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern serves Brigham Young University, BYU-Hawaii, and BYU-Idaho as the auditor of their 403(b) benefit plans. They provide outstanding customer service and are always responsive to our every need. We value our relationship tremendously."

Cindy Brinker, Chief Financial Officer, Lee's Discount Liquor. "Lee's Discount Liquor has been in business 32 now and has 17 locations, with great plans for many more locations. We have approximately 160 employees and we are the largest liquor retailer in the Las Vegas valley. We have been working with PBTK for two and a half years now, and they provide both audit and tax services for us. Whenever we have unique transactions, they give us guidance along the way. When we initially partnered with PBTK our first goal was to reduce our audit fees – with PBTK we were able to reduce them by over 60 percent. Secondly, we wanted to reduce our tax liability. With sound financial statements and more accurate financial reporting, we were able to reduce our tax fees by nearly 50 percent, which is substantial in a retail business. And third, we were looking for a partner who gives sound advice and sends us down the right path. Having that partner in PBTK, especially on the financial reporting, financial statements, audit and tax side, we find it's a win-win relationship."

Christine Vuletich, Assistant County Manager/CFO, Douglas County, Nevada. "Engaging PBTK has taken our annual audit and financial reporting to a higher level. Their professional expertise and technologically advanced financial reporting system were instrumental in our organization receiving the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association for the first time. In addition, PBTK provided additional services in evaluating and recommending improvements in our computer systems controls and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance."

Bernetta Stebritz, Director of Advancement, The Meadows School. "The Meadows School is a non-profit school in the Summerlin area with 900 students. Now in our 30th year of existence, Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern has been our auditor since the beginning. They partnered with us when the school was just a dream and continue to provide audit and tax services every year. Throughout the schools inception and creation, Piercy Bowler has been an integral part of all of the different business technological changes that have gone on in the non-profit world, and there have been several. They are always contacting us to make sure we are making changes to our business model prior to having any issues that might arise. They are always looking out for us.

Diane Dutton, Director of Finance, Timbers Management Group. "I would recommend PBTK to other business owners. Coming into difficult situations like they did at Timbers really allows a CPA firm to express all of their technical skills and face those challenges and help business owners succeed. You need to partner with your CPA firm – if you don't have CPAs who are willing to partner with you and walk with you through difficult times as a business owner, then they aren't worth having around. So if I am going to recommend a firm, I am going to commend one that I feel confident in. PBTK is that type of firm."

Stefan Gastagar, President, Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. "PBTK is a firm that understands the environment of our business. Their audits are conducted in a professional and efficient manner. PBTK always accommodates our needs during the audit. We know if we need expert advice in accounting or tax matters, we always get a timely and reliable response. We would recommend PBTK because of their professionalism, broad knowledge and quality of service. They have taken an interest in our company and perform their work efficiently."

Eduardo deVeer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Meta Corporation International. "Mr. Piercy and PBTK have been trusted advisors to me and our family-owned business for many years. With their intense assistance, we have been able to redefine our long-term business and family objectives, restructure and simplify our organization, and transition our management and governance to the next generation. They are among my most trusted advisors."