Accountability is now the principal message to be heeded by members of our nation's volunteer sector to assure their continued success.  PBTK offers effective and efficient audits, affording the highest degree of confidence in the financial reporting process to non-profit organizations and users of their financial statements while, at the same time, conserving scarce resources to be redirected to achieving program objectives.

PBTK also works with volunteers, the organization’s officers, board members, and professional management personnel to help identify and prioritize the organization's needs and to make efficiency recommendations.  

Through timely recommendations, our goal is to help management meet their fiduciary responsibilities for accountability, to safeguard and allocate the organization’s resources wisely, and to install confidence and trust in their commitment to fiscal integrity and responsible leadership.

Some examples of consulting services we have provided for non-profit organizations include:

  • Budgeting and long-term strategic planning
  • Internal and public financial and regulatory reporting
  • Design, implementation, and effectiveness testing of internal controls, for example, over grant receipts and disbursements
  • Fraud investigations
  • Functional expense classification and allocation
  • Design of organizational structure, division of responsibility and financial oversight
  • Recruitment and training of board members
  • Development of fundraising strategies and methods
  • Establishing record retention policies
  • Avoiding (or managing) unrelated business income (UBI) tax
  • Avoiding any adverse effect of lobbying activity on exempt status

Please contact one of our professionals at 702-384-1120.